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30 Day Video Game Challenge, Day 17 - Favorite antagonist.

Malcolm (The Legend of Kyrandia series)

I have to pick Malcolm as my favorite antagonist because he goes from being a dangerous villain to a laughable prankster through the course of the series. In Kyrandia Book One, he was the villain of the game. He murdered the royal family and is constantly messing up your plans to go save the world. Throughout the game he is a very creepy and very deadly foe.

In the last game in the series, Malcolm’s Revenge, the first games antagonist becomes the protagonist. You play as Malcolm, seeing the world from his viewpoint. Though you play as him, you are still not a good guy and are given ample opportunities to be as evil as ever; able to lie, steal, and cheat your way through the game. The only real antagonist in the finale is Malcolm’s reputation. Nobody is willing to help you and you can get thrown in jail or worse if you do the wrong things.

Here’s where it gets interesting. As Malcolm, you get a bit of inside information on what really went down in the first game. Did Malcolm really murder the royal family? Will he ever clear his name? Just why is it called the Isle of Cats?

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