Unsafety Dance

30 Day Video Game Challenge, Day 16 - Game with the best cut scenes.

Least boring cutscenes: Half Life series.

Best ‘traditional’ cutscenes: Alan Wake

I have to give it to two games today for two different reasons.

I’m not too fond of cut scenes in games. A few games get them right, like Half Life 2 where you are free to wonder around, look at the gadgets in the laboratory or play with your gnome while the npcs are talking to each other. I just don’t consider that a cutscene in the strictest of sense, but it still does it better than most games.

The other game is Alan Wake. The cutscenes in Alan Wake feel less intrusive than most games, rather elaborating on the feeling that you are in an interactive horror story. Cinematics that feel like a continuation of the story with narration and style. It still takes you out of the game but does so in a way that did not bother me for some reason.

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